Arbah capital

About Us

‘Arbah’means profit in Arabic, and Arbah Capital Limited, true to its name, has a prime objective to reap profits for its clients.

Rashad Khourshid

We are a financial services company regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”) in the region’s most sought-after financial services jurisdiction, the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”)

  • As a Category 4
    company we are
    regulated by DFSA to
    conduct the following

  • Advising on

  • Arranging
    Credit and
    Advising on

  • Arranging
    Deals in

  • Arranging

We are regulated by DFSA to deal only with professional clients and are stipulated to have only non-discretionary execution rights. This benefits our investors as it increases the transparency of our dealing and security of investment capital. Our dealings are also fenced by the dual consideration of compliance and wealth protection.

We are supported by Arbah Holdings Ltd, a company established in the DIFC. Our CEO is an illustrious leader with a veritable track record and deep rapport with wealthy individuals and families in the region. Our team’s collective experience and expertise is an asset as valuable as the trust and affection of our clients.

We largely cater to a select group of investors who are also our key stakeholders. We are now gradually expanding to engage with new investors with a similar profile.

Deploying investment principles that have reaped rich rewards in the past unperturbed by market volatility, we aspire to give clients a higher rate of return on investments and carve for Arbah Capital Limited a glorious future.