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Arranging Custody

Trust us to entrust your assets to a custodian with a proven past and a formidable future.

Financial custody of your investments with a reputed custodian is an essential principle of wealth protection and we help you in making a prudent choice. An efficient custodian must be able to swiftly process your instructions for disbursement and collection and must support a comprehensive portfolio of assets.

The firms we recommend have a clean legacy, an efficient administration and responsive service. As your financial services partner, we conduct due diligence and work only with firms regulated by local and international authorities. We also comply to DFSA regulations that require proper documentation and periodic review of third-party custodians.

We have on our list firms that operate in the Middle East, Europe, USA and Far East.

Our guiding principle is a custodian that has stable past and a solid future. Our preferred partners in Europe are Juluis Baer, Zurich and INTL-FCStone, London.