Arbah capital


Advising on Financial Products

A curated bouquet of financial products that meet financial goals and asset allocation.

A curated selection of financial products that meet the profit goals and match the risk appetite of our discerning investors constitute our investment options. We advise clients on investment decisions in sovereign bonds, debt-funds, and equities.

Our advisory services are tailored based on your financial goals, your risk profile and investment size. We are a boutique investment firm and work with a distinguished clientele with who we nurture an intimate relationship. Our asset allocation advice is aligned to achieve your financial objectives within a planned timeline.

We have consistently made profits through the peaks and troughs of financial markets through a time-tested strategy of spotting opportunities in any situation.

Our investment basket comprises:

  • Bonds

  • Debt-Funds

  • Equities

  • High Yield CDs

Our market experience, our connections, and the omnipresence of our Senior Management team gives us early and exclusive access to opportunities before they become apparent.

Our fee is based on the growth of your investments hence you can be rest assured that we are always working for you.

A large portion of our portfolio belongs to our stakeholders and we aim to bring the same level of expertise and rewards to our new clients.